Global Setup


+ Basics

You must be comfortable with Object Oriented Programming, MySQL (see our tutorial), Web development and its native languages like HTML and CSS (see our tutorial), even JavaScript (see our tutorial)...


+ Environment (basic configuration for Windows/Mac users)

-- Using Google Chrome Browser and Visual Studio Code

In order to use PHP, you need two things to start :

* Using a Web browser like Chrome and the Visual Studio Code IDE (free and powerful), for your project development. You can use too PHP Storm or Adobe Dreamweaver...

+ Then...

1 - Install Chrome.

2 - Install Visual Studio Code.

3 - Open Chrome, click on Settings -- Security and Privacy  --  Site settings then choose JavaScript to be used...

4 - Open Visual Studio Code, click on File -- New File then type in the input field index.php and register.

5 - Insert this basic code, in the main body of the file :

    <title>Hello World Little Script</title>
    <?php echo "Hello World and PHP Community !";?>

⇒ See the online example

6 - Then test this file locally or upload your file on a Web server using FTP (for example).


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